Leo + Nineteen

40This look is probably one of my favorites out of the ones I’ve worked on so far! The designer (@kanikaag) wanted really simple skin with no contour or highlight, so all I added here was the LT Pro Smooth Corrector in Plum Rose to certain areas of the face.

41For the eyes, I used the Marc Jacobs gel liner in black to outline the eyes, smoking it out with a brush before I added the Chanel Les Beiges as a transition color all over the lid.

21 copyThen I added a mixture of the Juvia’s Place eyeshadows on top with my finger, blending it out with a brush (I used a dark brown, with a hint of violet and magenta)… and then of course – the gloss !

43I used the Marc Jacobs gel liner for the brows as well, taking a small amount with a stiff brush for eyebrows with intensity & then I set this all with the Benefit Brow, Set Fix!

38For Leo’s lips I used the Tarteist Lip Paint !

27For Nineteen’s I used a discontinued LTPro shade ! This more toned-down eye look featured just the Chanel Les Beiges, a bit of some X-pert metallic loose powder and of course a bit of the gloss!

22.jpg So glad I could be part of this shoot!

2+ Funny story about Nineteen’s looks – this was the first look we did on Nineteen and the previous picture of her was the second. The pictures shown beforehand showed the third (and final!) look. These initial looks with the lighter-toned eyes didn’t quite seem to fit the mood in the way we wanted it to (which is why I ended up switching to the glossy smokey eye for her too), but I included the other pics in here anyway – because they still turned out pretty cool.




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