maxine1This shoot was so much fun to do as most of the outfits were things I’d bought for myself or @lizziemargaretha bought for herself (+ a few things that @nannisha had – including these super cool glasses!). Outfit pictured here: Alexander Wang Silk Velvet Bralette, Fishnet Top + Model’s jeans

maxine4For the makeup, I left it rather natural for most of the face, just adding LT-Pro’s Smooth Corrector to cover up dark circles or any discoloration. I added a bit of bronzer under her cheekbones and on the sides of her nose for a bit of contour as well!

maxine3I also added some subtle highlight to the bridge of her nose with the Physicians Formula NudeWear Touch of Glow Palette.

maxine8Comme des Garcons leather jacket

maxine9For the eyes I added a bit of the gold and some of the paler gold shade from the NudeWear Touch of Glow Palette for a really natural glow to the eyes + some Maybelline mascara.

maxine13For the lips I was inspired by @violette_fr‘s technique of adding black lipstick and blending it in with some classic red in a way that resembles a rose. Here I used Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick in Styletto and a classic red shade I got from Ulta.

maxine12Because gloss is currently making a comeback, I added some clear gloss on top of the lipstick for a dramatic lip.

maxine14Top pictured here: Shu Shu Tong

Photography: @nannisha

Styling: @lizziemargaretha

Model: @maxinewoodring


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