hannah1This shoot was done in collaboration with fashion design student Isa Guadalupe. Her inspiration for the pieces was the psychedelic art movement of the ’60s. More on this look here!

hannah3The makeup was inspired by the current trend of glossy eyelids and a dewy, glowing face.

hannah2 copyI started off with LT Pro’s Smooth Corrector in Plum Rose as the base for the skin, applying that only in certain areas (over blemishes & any redness + under the eyes) and then I used the Clarins Tinted Sunscreen in Light for the rest of the face.

hannah4Next, I added a soft peach color to the eyes with a powder eyeshadow on the top of the lid and below. Then, I added Rosé All Day’s Fizz on top of that before adding some clear gloss!

hannah7To complete the eye look, I added some Maybelline mascara.

hannah6Then I used some brown powder from the LT-Pro palette to add to her brows before adding Benefit’s Brow Set Fix to set the brows into place.

hannah5For the rest of the face, I used the bronze shade from the Physicians Formula ‘Nude Wear Touch of Glow Palette’ as well as a medium brown shade from LT-Pro. For the lips, I used a glossy red – again from LT-Pro!

Photography: @nannisha

Model: @hannovak

Fashion Design/Styling: @isaguadalupe


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