Nastya (Anastasia)

nastya1This look was so much fun to do! It definitely took a while, but the results were worth it.

nastya2I love how the semi-transparent beads reflected light in a ‘broken glass’ type of way

nastya3For this look I used 3 different sizes of beads that I got from an arts & crafts store.

nastya5I stuck the beads on with the X-Pert Premium Eyelash Adhesive, applying them with a pair of curved tweezers.

nastya7For the skin I used LT-Pro’s Smooth Corrector in Plum Rose, a light swipe of blush to add color to the look, and the Make Up Store Gleam Dream in Rose for some glow!

nastya4For the brows I used Benefit’s ‘Ready, Set Brow!’ Gel to tidy up the brows and make them appear fuller.

nastya6To top it off, I added some lip color from LT-Pro for a sheer pink base before adding some clear lip gloss on for extra shine.

Photography: @nannisha

Style/Designer: // @invinciblesteph

Model: @anastasia_gatala_korsun


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