Halloween !


1Halloween is thought to have originated from the merging of two celebrations over time.

3These two celebrations were called ‘Samhain’ & ‘All Saints Day’ & were both held close to Nov 1.

4Samhain was a Celtic festival that began around 2,000 years ago.

5It was a meeting that celebrated the end of the harvest.

2Although its main purpose was to gather resources for the upcoming winter, some folklore suggest that it was also a time to consult the dead.

7Other sources indicate that it was a time where the underground palaces of the gods could be revealed.

8Some stories indicate that people would light a large bonfire and wear costumes to the celebration.

6During the 8th Century, All Saints Day was created by Pope Gregory III to honor saints and martyrs.

9Some of the traditions of Samhain were incorporated into All Saints Day.

10The day before All Saints Day was later called All Hallows Eve, then nicknamed Halloween.

11.jpgOver time Halloween became the celebration we know & love today !





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