Les Fleurs du Naivasha

IMG_2154d3Bouquets are often given to express affection. This tradition began with the Ancient Greeks who assigned the rose to their goddess of love, Aphrodite.

IMG_2129aIt’s wonderful to be able to purchase a bouquet conveniently, but have you ever thought about where your flowers came from? Or what goes into your nostrils when you breathe in their scent?

IMG_2191C.jpgMany flowers nowadays are farmed in developing countries, where labor costs are low and regulation is lax. One key flower farm is located near Lake Naivasha in Kenya, a beautiful fresh water lake that is home to many types of wildlife.

IMG_2212aFlower farming has aided in boosting the economy of many developing countries, but often it involves harmful pesticides.

IMG_2186c1/5th of the chemicals used in the flower industries of developing countries are banned or haven’t gone through any form of examination in the US.

IMG_2160aThe runoff and waste from these flower farms are affecting the conditions of Lake Naivasha and the nature around it.

IMG_2049_mergedAAfter the flower farms began to thrive, the population of fish in the lake – especially near the farms – have declined significantly.

IMG_2107aThe lack of regulation is also affecting the farmers who cultivate these flowers. Often, they aren’t provided with enough safety measures and these chemicals begin to affect their respiratory systems and put them at a greater risk for cancer.

IMG_2081adoh.jpgPurchasing flowers with a high level of these banned or untested pesticides could also affect consumers as we are affected to these harmful/carcinogenic chemicals.

IMG_2078a.jpgBe aware of where the flowers in your bouquets are coming from & try to get locally grown, organic flowers if possible !




Blooming Controversy: What Is Killing the Wildlife in Kenya’s Lake Naivasha?




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