100% Virgin?

IMG_0890COlive oil has tons of benefits – when taken orally, it can aid in the treatment of constipation, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, among other things.

IMG_0842BWhen used topically, it can aid in the treatment of psoriasis, minor burns, stretch marks & lice wounds; or even works as a facial cleanser !

IMG_0848IKIYep, talking about Olive Oil here. If you wanted something a little more controversial, check out this beautiful girl’s blog.

IMG_0829DisExtra virgin olive oil is meant to be the purest of olive oils (with only 1% acid content), extracted from the time-consuming process of cold-pressing (using only pressure).

IMG_0752AHowever,  a study has revealed that the Italian mafia has been profiting from selling olive oil contaminated with cheaper oils like sunflower oil and passing it off as the more exclusive (& expensive) extra virgin olive oil.

IMG_0830BLots of extra virgin olive oils found abroad in non-olive oil producing countries are likely to be contaminated.

IMG_0806AIn the US, when 3 high-end olive oil brands were tested, only 1 contained true extra virgin olive oil.

IMG_0757ABe careful when you are purchasing Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil abroad; If the ‘extra virgin olive oil’ only costs $5, keep in mind that you may not be receiving all the benefits you were searching for.

IMG_0899ASources have suggested looking for olive oil made in Sicily or Puglia for a higher chance of buying true extra virgin olive oil.






Mafia Control of Olive Oil the Topic of ’60 Minutes’ Report




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