Vulture (n.):

“a large bird of prey with the head and neck more or less bare of feathers, feeding chiefly on carrion and reputed to gather with others in anticipation of the death of a sick or injured animal or person.”

IMG_0098bVultures often get a bad rep; but they’re actually super important… and pretty amazing ! 

IMG_0027d They’re great at eating – two pounds (0.9kg) of meat in a minute? Done.

IMG_0007aA vulture’s stomach acids can neutralize diseases like rabies, cholera & anthrax.

IMG_0049BWithout vultures, dead, diseased animals lie there, encouraging insect populations to grow & spread viruses to humans, livestock & other wild animals..

IMG_0097aIn India, when many vultures died, poisoned by diclofenac, the wild dog & rat populations grew, and the number of rabies associated human deaths increased by almost 50,000

IMG_0131_thisCurrently, African vultures are declining rapidly, mainly because of a pesticide commonly known as Furadan.

Check out VulPro’s website to learn more & see how you can help ! 

IMG_0147dMake sure you take the time to learn about an animal before you dismiss them as “gross”. 

vulture-kill-blood-droplet-2-1536Inspired by this beautiful picture of a vulture & the wonderful Nat Geo article below.



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